Green rainpipe

The project “Green Rainpipe” is selected for the second phase of the stipendia program ‘Fresh Perspectives‘ of the Stimuleringsfonds (Stimulation Fund Creative Industry). This new product will function as a climate adaptive rainwater solution. The team MORE landscape, Mirte van Laarhoven- Living Landscapes, Architectuur MAKEN en GEP want to introduce a product on the market that enhances the look of the built environment with a green, natural atmosphere and that at the same time functions as a climate adaptive rainwater solution. The water collection ensures delayed water absorption and gives water to the plants. In this way it contributes to solving climate challenges, such as water retention, reduced peak load on the sewer, stimulation of biodiversity and extra CO2 storage. The planting in the green rainpipe will be suitable for every situation and will be low in maintenance. The ‘Green Rainpipe’ is suitable for a wide audience.

Project first phase done at HOSPER, Groene Regenpijp 2019 with Hanneke Kijne as Projectleader, designed at HOSPER together with Mirte van Laarhoven. Second phase project by MORE landscape.