Perm Embankment park

Perm embankment

For the city of Perm in Russia the first realization project of the Strategic Masterplan was designed for the Embankment park. For this long and sloping park that connects the city to the river Kama, the design language is inspired by an important moment of the year; when the ice breaks in springtime. The shapes of the paths, walls, kiosks and paving areas (with granite from the Oeral region) refer to the breaking ice; giving the park with that strong design language a recognizable identity. Making use of the local woodworking tradition, a specific line of furniture elements was designed in collaboration with Carmela Bogman. Buildings in the park were designed by KCAP. Perm Strategic Masterplan was made in collaboration with KCAP, PIRS/Polis, Systematici, Pöyry, Tavernor Consultancy, Fakton, Allies and Morrison.

Project of HOSPER, 2008-2010 with Hanneke Kijne as Projectleader, designed together with Gerwin de Vries